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"Trunkslammers" - illegitimate cleaning services
Choosing a home cleaning service


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"Trunkslammers" - illegitimate cleaning services


In years past, you would often overhear conversations in places like beauty salons, community clubhouses, cocktail parties and fancy restaurants that would start something like this... "Wow, I just found the best housecleaner and...they are really cheap!" This conversation was usually one of the ladies (or gentlemen) boasting about the cleaning person they had just hired to clean their home and this home was usually located in a high-income neighborhood because, after all, years ago only the wealthy could afford hired helpers in the home.

Choosing a home cleaning service

When choosing a house cleaning service, you certainly should not just choose the first one that you find in google or in the yellow pages or what have you.  There are nearly an unlimited amount of home cleaning services to choose from - there are probably hundreds of them in your local area, or at least that are willing to serve your local area.  So how do you choose a good service?

Well, there are a number of things you want to check for.  While there are countless home cleaning services out there, only very few of them should be worthy of your attention.