ElimiDirt - "Eliminating dirt, grease and grime - one house at a time!"

I just simply don’t have time to clean my place, so I hired ElimiDirt to clean my 1 bedroom condo in Emeryville back in January.  The first thing I noticed was that they were right on time, unlike many other house cleaners I’ve hired in the past which would often times be half an hour or more late.  I had a few extra minor things I wanted to have done that I forgot to mention over the phone, and they mentioned that they would take care of those things for no extra charge.  The cleaners were both very friendly and personable and got to work right away.  Within 2 hours, they were completely finished and it was as if my place was transformed.  I was absolutely amazed.  They say you get what you pay for.  Well, other cleaners I’ve hired in the past have had significantly higher rates and their work wasn’t nearly as good as the work that ElimiDirt did.  They left and I’ve scheduled them to come back on a monthly basis.  They will be my standard house cleaners from now on.  I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a high quality cleaning at a great price.
Diane T., Livermore, CA

"Patty and Ken are a very kind and warming couple who know what they are doing! I would recommend Elimidirt for house cleaning and their carpet cleaning service done by ken is also great! I had them clean my one story house and they did a very nice job. Both me and my partner are very happy with the results and believe it was money well spent as we are too busy durring the day to clean while we have work all the time!"
John S., Dublin, CA

"I am highly recomending this wife and husband team to do your future housecleaning job. We, my dearly beloved wife, and I, thank  first of all our good Lord, for blessing us with the trustworthy presence , profecionalism, and thorougness of doing their job of housecleaning not to mention Patti, and Ken's politeness , respect  and consideration, when dealing with the elderly. We apreciate your Blessing, may the good Lord bless you Patti and Ken, with many, many years of happily wedded blissful togetherness  and many houses to clean .......Thank you again . 6-10-09 ........M and D."
Dewey B., Pleasanton, CA

"I highly recommend ElimiDirt!  I have begged my husband for years to get a housekeeper so I wouldn't have to spend my time off scrubbing and cleaning.  Hallelujah when I found Ken and Patty at ElimiDirt!!  They came in and did a fabulous job and my husband finally saw the benefits of having professionals come in and clean.  They are punctual, did everything I asked them to do and my house was spotless!  I signed up for monthly cleaning services and look forward to their arrival every month.  They come in and get right to work and earn every bit of the money we pay them.  They are friendly and very hard working - I'm so thankful to have found them!!"
Jan S., Livermore, CA

"We bought a banked owned house recently. It was pretty dirty. We used ElimiDirt to clean both the house and carpet. They did an excelllent job. We put the house for rent and people were very impressed with the house's condition. We rented our house out pretty quick.  I highly recommend ElimiDirt. I shopped around and asked other cleaning companies to give us estimate too. The estimate from other companies were much higher. ElimiDirt's rate is very attractive. And they are very friendly and hard working people. I'll definately use them again to clean my rental house when my current tenant moves out."
Yan L., San Ramon, CA

"What a gem of a company! I was shopping for a bi-monthly house cleaning on http://craigslist.com when I came across this company and decided to give them a try. After their 1st cleaning, I was hooked. Elimidirt went the extra mile (I am not talking just vacuuming and dusting, I am talking polishing my wood furniture, whiting the grout in my bathroom, etc). I am now a regular customer and would recommend their services to anyone that asks. Oh, and their prices were/are definitely very, very, reasonable."
Sean N., Dublin, CA