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House Cleaning Checklist

Below is a list of items and areas we clean for most of our regular clients (weekly, biweekly and monthly).  This is called our "Standard" cleaning.  It's actually very thorough, however in general we don't go inside things - meaning we wouldn't clean inside the large appliances (refrigerator and oven), inside cabinets, and interior windows would not be included either.  However, please note that blinds and window sills would be dusted standard.

Maybe you don't need all of this?  Call us and we can customize a plan to meet your needs!

Standard Cleaning Service (These services are performed during every cleaning for weekly, biweekly and monthly customers, if applicable):

  • All rooms and areas - Cobweb removal, mirror/glass cleaning, dusting/cleaning of all furniture, light fixtures, lamps, knick-knacks, baseboards, crown moldings, blinds, window sills, door handles, outlet covers and switch plates, vacuuming of floors (including carpet and hard surface), mopping of tile and hard wood floors, and trash emptying.  We will also straighten out beds and change linens upon request.

  • Bathroom Cleaning - this includes the shower stalls, glass doors and railings, tubs, toilets, light fixtures, mirrors, sinks, counter tops, outside of cabinets, floors, toilet paper holders and towel racks, and doors

  • Kitchen Cleaning - Exterior surface of ALL appliances, cook-top as well as under burners (if applicable), inside of microwave, outside of cabinets, the sink, back splash, counter tops, floors

  • Laundry Room Cleaning (if inside main part of house) - Cleaning of washer and dryer exterior, counters, sink and floors

Below you can find our "Add-on" services.  These would not be included standard.  Our regular clients can request these services at any time.  For move in/move out cleanings, essentially all of these items would be included unless you specify otherwise.

Add-on Services (These services are performed for move in/move out cleanings or upon request):

  • Refrigerator inside
  • Oven inside
  • Dishwasher inside
  • Inside window cleaning (including glass, frame and tracts)
  • Washer and Dryer inside
  • Cabinets inside
  • Closets inside
  • Inside other types of furniture

If there is any house cleaning service you would like performed that is not listed here, please call us and ask.  We will try to accommodate you as best as possible!  Please note there may be restrictions on what services we can perform (due to our workman's compensation insurance limitations).